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Tiktok drama! Mummie Francie accuses Prince Mwiti of sabotage (Videos)

A famous Kenyan TikToker by the name of Mummie Francie on her social media pages is crying foul after her TikTok account of 1.1 million followers was recently threatened by a ban following reports by several accounts.

In the video the content creator shared recently, she gave an account of events leading up to the threat claiming that one fellow TikToker by the name of Prince Mwiti has been reporting her account for no reason and having other followers back him up in his act.

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According to the Mombasa-based TikToker, she was doing a live on her TikTok account when it was pulled down following reports made to the management of the app.

She stated that it was not the first time and that she was even evicted from a Whatsapp group in which she alleged that the group members, among them Prince Mwiti were plotting against her account.

“They have reported my live, the women and Mwiti and then they removed me from the group so I cannot see what they are saying in there,” said Mummie Francie.

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She went on to ask her fans to recommend any good lawyers as she needs one to help her save her business.

“If you’re a lawyer, kindly I need one to stand for me and fight for me and my business. My business is on the verge of falling apart, and this account is my business. They blocked the other account,” she added.

Mummie Francie further lamented claiming that her TikTok account is one of the few ways she makes a living and that it would greatly take her back, financially, if she lost it.

“I am not ready to go back to where I was. I have worked so much. I have gone through so much to get to where I am.

I am not willing to lose my account because it’s what feeds me, dresses me, and pays the hospital bills for my sick dad.

So if I lose this account my family is going to go hungry and I cannot take that.”

She added, “I have worked so hard for the betterment of my family, so if someone has decided to joke around with my business, trust you me it’ll cost me a lot,”

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The content creator castigated the culture of trolling and cyberbullying on the app by Kenyan Tiktokers.

“The bullying and the trolling has to end. Reporting my account for no reason, endangering my business and I have not done anything wrong. I am losing my mind and I need to settle this once and for all,” she concluded.

Attempts to get a comment from Mummie Francie and Prince Mwiti were futile as they both did not pick up our calls.

Here is Mummie talking about the incident.

Responding to claims that he was the instigator behind Mummie’s account being banned from going live, Prince Mwiti defended himself.


Here is his reaction.


♬ original sound – MwitiReborn

According to TikTok policies, an account that constantly violates the guidelines of the platform risks getting banned.

Typically, five to six reports from different TikTok accounts are enough to get an account banned on TikTok.

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