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TikTok mortician lists most weird things she’s been asked to put inside caskets

Kenyan mortician and TikToker Ann Mwangangi has disclosed some of the most peculiar things she has ever been asked to place inside caskets by families of the deceased.

In a video shared on TikTok, the mortician, who hails from Laikipia County, listed out a few of the things which she stated were rather weird for her and go against her personal beliefs.

Among some of these weird request is placing objects such as a broom, a torch, a whip, a collection of hair of the deceased or even foodstuffs inside a casket. On other occasions, she has been asked to set a body upside down inside the coffin or to put strings on the hand of a deceased.

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She added on another note that she does not do anything that is not in alignment with her beliefs and professionalism.

“Kindly note I do not partake in things that are not in line with my beliefs and professionalism. I can only facilitate the family to do it themselves,” she wrote.

Among other things Mwangangi shares on her Tiktok about her life as a mortician, she encourages young women who look up to her in admiration advising them on what it takes to be a mortician and basically shares videos of her daily life at a morgue.

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Ann Mwangangi, who commands a Tiktok following of 57.3K, does educational, informational, and entertaining videos about being a mortician and explains what it’s like to work with the dead, their family members, and even misconceptions about her life in the line of duty.

She also transparently exposes some things people expect her to do in her line of work like releasing a body in dispute.

In another interesting video, Mwangangi shared how dangerous it is when she receives two burial permits claiming to bury the same person because he had two wives. She advises “go have an agreement in court. I won’t partake in your family feuds meanwhile I hold the body until you reach a consensus. I have a brother depending on me. I can’t go to jail.”

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