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TikTok star Alby: I was sued for making people laugh

Meet the TikTok star who’s making strangers smile.

Mohammed Alby alias King of smiles is a fast-rising star who has made a name for himself with random compliments and pick-up lines that leave people smiling and laughing their lungs out.

In his short videos, the final year student pursuing Journalism at the United States International University (USIU) usually starts off his pick-up lines with a simple greeting, followed by a question, then delivers a punchline that leaves the person smiling.

“Other than just the number of followers going up, we’ve touched so many lives to a point I know there are so many people out there I did a video with and apparently were going through suicidal thoughts. Just that random act of making them smile, from a stranger, changed their lives,” said Alby.

The lad believes that in making people smile, one is able to save them from committing suicide seeing as there are so many people in Kenya who are leaving with depression. “When I started I was just a nobody. It was just something I enjoyed doing. Making random people smile,” he stated.

In an interview with Jalang’o, the TikTok star admitted his admiration for the comedian and that he’d like to follow in his footsteps because he makes people laugh and that’s something he enjoys doing.

“I want to follow in your footsteps. You make a lot of people smile, so I want to bring that same concept but maybe to a TV level,” Alby remarked.

He added, “I would like to make Kenyans smile on a national level.”

Alby further talked about a video he did that left a mark on him because he got a rather unexpected reaction. “I was driving past a mama, and I stopped her and asked her ‘Mambo, Kwani uko na kampuni ya kifuli? Juu nadai kufunga ndoa na wewe’. Her reaction was crazy because she started screaming,” he said. Alby also noted that so far he’s not received any negative feedback, rather some people just walk away when he approaches them.

“I was sued. It was a lawsuit based on a video we had done in September. It was ‘Mambo? Niko na chwani hapa, naeza kupatia mapenzi ya thati, nibaki nimembao’. The girl to whom I said it just started smiling and laughing, then I got the lawsuit this year,” Alby said.

He remarked that receiving the lawsuit got him down because it wasn’t something he was expecting, but he took it positively because it made him feel like he made a difference in some way. “I felt kind of okay because I’m like the first TikToker to get sued. “We have to keep making people smile. It starts with a mambo and ends with a smile,” said the TikTok star.