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Tiktok star Cindy K: No mubabaz is bankrolling my lifestyle!

By Rajab Zawadi September 4th, 2023 2 min read

Cindy K (Kipsang), a 23-year-old TikTok sensation with a massive following of over 500 million fans, is setting the record straight about the source of her extravagant lifestyle.

In an exclusive interview, the social media sensation revealed that she owes her opulent way of life solely to her online presence and hard work, firmly dispelling any speculation of secret benefactors.

Cindy K, known for documenting her flamboyant lifestyle on social media platforms, is a frequent traveler, partygoer, and attendee of exclusive events. Her lavish life has naturally led to curiosity about who might be funding her extravagant escapades.

However, Cindy K was quick to clarify the situation, asserting, “I generate all my income from social media. Additionally, I work as a product designer for several brands. You know, I’m the epitome of beauty and brains. So if anyone comes here and claims it’s ‘mubabaz,’ please, just stop.”

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Addressing questions about her personal life, the vibrant influencer revealed that she has been single for the past two years following a challenging breakup with her ex-partner, Sean Preezy.

Despite this, she has been living large and thriving independently, which is evident in her radiant glow.

When asked about her dating status, she quipped, “It’s been two years now. How have I been surviving? Well, I have been living large, I guess you can tell from the glow. I’m doing great, I’m awesome. For now, I’m yet to find another mpoa (boyfriend)” Cindy K said.

The dancing TikTok sensation’s lifestyle has frequently come under public scrutiny.

A few months ago, she faced claims of having undergone a butt lift procedure, to which she responded by clarifying that it was a non-surgical enhancement of her derriere.

This procedure also included reducing her stomach size, a choice she made to achieve her desired aesthetic without intensive exercise.

The content creator defended her decision, saying, “I got my stomach reduced and a butt lift, but it was completely non-invasive. It was not surgical at all.”

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