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Tiktok star Mummie Francie critiques Charlene Ruto’s wigs and dressing

By Freya Wanjiku December 14th, 2022 2 min read

TikTok star Mummie Francie has critiqued Charlene Ruto’s dressing during the Jamhuri Day celebrations.

In a video, she posted on her TikTok first sympathised with the President’s daughter for constantly being the talk of the town.

She asked her to get used to the critics saying if people are talking about her then it means she ise doing something right.

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Making a comparison of the frequency in which people talk about her as they do Charlene, Mummie noted that the only difference between them is that she is the President’s daughter.

Mummie Francie
Mummie Francie

Mummie has on many occasions addressed haters on her TikTok account for coming at her. She never takes prisoners, her responses are super savage.

However, Mummie shared that Charlene’s dress and wig during Jamhuri day’s celebration did not match the occasion.

“The dress…I acknowledge that the cost of the dress is enough to feed me for three years but no. It is a beautiful dress but not for the occasion.”

Adding that she is willing to work with her to help her get dresses for different occasions, Mummie stated, “You see these deras, I can turn them into beautiful dresses. I can custom make you a dress that will perfectly fit you.”

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Explaining that Charlene’s wigs are a ‘call for help,’ the content creator said that she has seen her with short wigs adding that those fit her better than the long ones.

“Pixie wigs can make you look better. Do not get a wig that will look as though you’ve put a nest on your head. Pixie wigs are flat and they hide the ‘Kenya forehead’. Get black 133 wig colours.

You can go to all governors in Kenya and outside and everyone will tell you, you look good. Look for pixie wigs and avoid the long ones.”

Office of the First Daughter? Charlene Ruto catches audience off guard as she introduces her team

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Mummie is not the only content creator that has told Charlene that her wigs are wanting. Mourine Mwangi another TikToker requested Charlene to give her a job as her hairstylist.

She noted that she respected Charlene and was respectfully asking for the position since she believes she could deliver. Adding that she could get quality wigs for her and lovely makeup that brought out the simplicity in Charlene.

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