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TikTok star Tracy Waithera chops off hair in new transformation

Renowned for her captivating relatable comical content, and infectious energy, Kenyan TikTok luminary Tracy Waithera has once again set the internet abuzz with her latest daring move.

In a stunning display of personal transformation, she recently bid adieu to her long tresses, opting for a bold and chic short blonde perm.

The online community, who have come to adore her dynamic content, were left in awe of this unexpected metamorphosis.

With a flair for the dramatic, Waithera unveiled her revamped appearance through a carefully curated social media post. As her followers eagerly scrolled through their feeds, they were met with a TikTok video that encapsulated not only her new hairstyle but also a symbolic representation of a fresh chapter in her journey. In a world that often resists change, she fearlessly embraced it, proving that the only constant in life is evolution.

The decision to chop off her hair was more than just a cosmetic change; it was a statement of self-discovery and empowerment. The short blonde perm not only frames her face exquisitely but also mirrors the confidence radiating from within. As Waithera embarks on this uncharted path, her choice of hairstyle seems to mirror her commitment to embracing new experiences with poise and audacity.

In a society where individuals are often defined by their appearances, Waithera’s choice challenges the norms and ideals set by others. It signifies a rebellion against conformity, a declaration that she will not be confined by anyone’s expectations. With her new look, she sends a message to her followers, urging them to break free from the chains of societal judgment and embrace their authentic selves.

As the virtual applause poured in from every corner of the internet, Waithera shared her sentiments in the post’s caption. She expressed that her new hairstyle symbolizes her embarking on an uncharted path, a journey full of promise and opportunity. This simple but profound statement resonated deeply with her audience, as they recognized her bold step as a reflection of their own aspirations.

“Shorter Hair, Brighter Spirit: Embracing growth and loving the journey,” read Waithera’s caption. 

Being in the limelight, Waithera has faced her fair share of trolls and harsh criticism which she has had to overcome over the years in content creation. Last year, the TikToker opened up about her experience with trolls saying she gets body-shamed over the size of her breasts.

Speaking to a local publication, Waithera revealed some of the mean comments she has ever received from cyberbullies.

“Yes, I have been body shamed. There’s this one time someone made a comment calling me a Friesian cow because of my big breasts. They told me that I am a Friesian and that if my kid were fed from one of my breasts they would be satisfied for a whole week,” said the content creator.

She noted she pays little to no attention to the body shamers.

“Others say my boobs are bigger than my life, I am going to suffocate my husband and kids with my boobs, just a lot. But I really don’t give time to those comments so I don’t really feel them. I don’t give much thought to it because these are my breasts and I can’t chop them off,” she said.

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