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TikTok star Tracy Waithera: Haters called me a freshian cow

TikTok star Tracy Waithera, popularly known for her relatable Kikuyu and dating wababa videos, has opened up about her experience of being body shamed. 

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While speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Waithera said she has been derogated harshly on social media about the size of her breasts. 

“Yes, I have been body shamed. There’s this one time someone made a comment calling me a Friesian cow because of my big breasts. They told me that I am a Friesian and that if my kid were fed from one of my breasts they would be satisfied for a whole week,” said Waithera.

She went on to share other comments she has received in the limelight, adding that she pays little to no attention to the sly comments as she cannot change how she looks.

“Others say my boobs are bigger than my life, I am going to suffocate my husband and kids with my boobs, just a lot. But I really don’t give time to those comments so I don’t really feel them. I don’t give much thought to it because these are my breasts and I can’t chop them off,” she added.

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Tracy Waithera rose to popularity 2 years ago after videos of her mubaba experiences went viral where she would act out what it’s like to have a mubaba. ( A mubaba is an old man ideally over the age of 45 who’s believed to be married and sponsors the lifestyle of young women for sexual benefits)

Speaking about how she became a household name on TikTok, Waithera said;

“I think it was a video that I shot where I was talking about a mubaba and people I guess got curious and wanted to know who this chic who’s talking about wababa is.”

She went on to reveal that she has had quite the experience dating a mubaba herself and that her content is only inspired by that. 

“It’s because I have lived it. I have lived the life of having a mubaba, and I have a pinch of experience from living with wababas. I have tasted that life and I think it’s authentic for me to talk about it because I wouldn’t want other women to fall for the same tricks I did.”

Currently, the content creator commands a following of 222,000 followers on TikTok with over 3 million likes on her videos.


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