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TikTok stars: Meet Mummie Francie, the clapback queen

Mummie Francie, born Francisca Mbaye in Bumala, Busia county, is a TikTok sensation with a following of 1.2M.

The TikTok challenge dubbed ‘Hello My Baby’ brought her to the limelight with the video hitting over 10M views.


♬ Hellow My Baby – Maxy KhoiSan

In the video, she welcomes her husband home jovially and cordially. The husband, Andy (Mbabas) has also got her online in-laws talking about his good looks and deep voice that a follower once asked, “is your husband single?”


Reply to @sil.wangari #mummiefrancie #franskin Follow back up account zangu @godfreyandy &@franskin_glow

♬ original sound – Mummie Francie

 Who is Mummie Francie?

The 27-year-old is a makeup artist, model, and entrepreneur based in Mishomoroni, Mombasa, where she sells bleaching and non-bleaching beauty products that she produces by herself branded FranSkin Glow.

She is the founder of the Support A Rafiki initiative that she started during the pandemic to support the underprivileged, mainly on Mashujaa day and Boxing day.

Having been raised by her father and stepmother after the separation of her parents at the age of 6 years, Mummie finds it hard and emotional to explain her childhood.

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In a YouTube video, she mentions being mistreated by her stepmother and redirecting her anger on her twin step-brothers, Geoffrey and Godfrey, after the stepmother’s death.

She also explains how she healed and embraced her family after the death of her biological mother in 2016.

The same year, she got into a road accident that left her bedridden for 8 months. She reveals that only a few friends had her back during that moment, but her family fully supported her.


She studied at Kisauni Academy Primary School before proceeding to Coast Girls High School. After her secondary school studies, she did computer packages and a secretarial course that she did not complete.


The outspoken TikToker is well known for speaking her mind on trending issues and replying savagely to whoever crosses her path.

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You will surely get a response from her, especially if you troll her or accuse her of improper behaviour.


♬ original sound – Mummie Francie

She is among the few ladies who have developed a tough skin for trolls on social media platforms and doesn’t let any troll get away with bad behaviour.

She got caught in TikTok drama where the Kenyans working in the gulf exchanged words, and she was at the centre of that storm.

She also called out Prince Mwiti for trying to sabotage her business. Prince Mwiti reply. Then she savagely shut down the drama.

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The Mombasa-based TikToker recently landed a deal with Nara Luxury Africa to market their product.

Mummie told her followers that Nara Luxury had been impressed by her TikToks following and turn out-of her live sales.

She carries out live sales on her TikTok account on Thursdays and Fridays.

On her trip to Nairobi to sign the deal, Mummie emphasized that she was open to deals highlighting that she only seals the deal after the client is satisfied with her work after a work trial.

She thanked her TikTok followers for their support.

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Tiktok came to the rescue of many entrepreneurs during the pandemic, and Mummie didn’t overlook that opportunity for her business.

She runs “chamas” selling bedsheets and deras on her TikTok, complementing the business with live sales on the app.

Tiktok star: Mummie Francie
Tiktok star: Mummie Francie

Accompanied by the husband – whose main job on the TikTok Live is to note the orders – they sell shoes, handbags and deras.

As the CEO of FranSkin Glow products she sells in her beauty shop in Mishomoroni, Mombasa, she also markets the product on her TikTok account.

Those who have interacted with her TikTok know the product as “mikorogo”.

The TikTok sensation also uses the products for her skin and explains that people kept asking about her skincare routine. This motivated her to venture into the business openly and confidently.

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