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TikTok unveils Sh20bn fund to pay content creators

TikTok has created a $200 million (about Sh20 billion) fund that will go towards rewarding content creators on the platform.

The fund is meant to support ambitious creators who are seeking opportunities to foster a livelihood” on the app, Vanessa Pappas, General Manager, TikTok the US said in a statement on their website.

The short video making app, which has grown in popularity while churning out new celebrities, is making its first major effort to pay creators directly for their content.

Before this move, creators could monetise livestreams, but the new programme will pay people directly for making videos.

TikTok creators are set to receive regular payments over the coming year, as the fund keeps growing.

However, the company has not given a limit on when creators will stop earning or how much payment they will be given.

To be eligible, users must be 18 years or older, meet a baseline for followers, and consistently post original content in line with TikTok Community Guidelines.

Creators in the United States can start applying for the funding in August with the company looking to expand the payments globally in due time.