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Tiktoker Kelvin Kinuthia claps back at body shamers

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has clapped back at people body shaming him for his weight.

The cross-dressing TikToker responded to critics through his Instagram post telling and insisted his weight is his business.

“Unless I’m sitting on your face, my weight is none of your business,” read part of his response.

Kinuthia urged for body positivity instead, noting he has been subjected to rude comments each time he shares his content.

The 21-year-old further noted Kenyans were notorious for body shaming.

Kinuthia has severally opened up on the conversation about body image.

He’s consistently been attacked for cross-dressing amid suggestions he could be a member of the lesbian, gay and bisexual transgender.

He recently claimed in a past interview people judge him harshly because of his weight.

“I was just posting to clarify because I have been bullied. People say I do not look my age. People body shame me because I am big-bodied, they assume that my body should be proportional to my age.”

He added; “I was even told that I had taken a fake ID and posted it, and I was asked to bring my birth certificate. If someone is not contented then there is nothing I can do about it.”

Kinuthia is not just body-shamed, questions about his identity have also been raised. He once opened up about his crossdressing tendencies.