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TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia raffles Kenyans with altered image with Oga Obinna

TikTok sensation Kelvin Kinuthia cannot catch a break, with netizens yet again on his neck about his sexual orientation remarks and hints.

Kinuthia, initially famed for donning female clothes and make-up in his content creation endeavors recently uploaded a photoshopped image in which his face replaced that of a woman’s body, with whom comedian Oga Obinna was recently captured getting cozy.

The post shared by the TikToker elicited rumors that he is crushing hard on the comedian, which a section of Kenyans did not take too kindly. In response to the boiling rumors, Kinuthia did not entirely dismiss the claims but rather asked netizens to leave the year 2023 to him.

“Weeh sasa mimi nimekaa tu hapa kwa nyumba naenjoy 2023 kidogo kidogo nimeambiwa nikona Oga Obinna Mombasa weeh hii 2023 mniachie aki,” read the content creator’s caption.

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Socialite Sherlyne Anyango with her ex-boyfriend Oga Obinna. PHOTO | COURTESY

Obinna on the other hand after catching wind of the situation took to his social media to clear the air on his relationship with Kinuthia citing platonic relations.

“Aki surely hata kama ni manifesting Kinuthia ni Morio, yaani he is not the one in the photo. Plus I am lesbian I like girls and Kinuthia and me are just friends. I have a lot of friends and family from LMNOP communities and we love and respect each other. Huko exit bado mi ni vajo nobody touching,” he shared.

Just a few weeks ago, on Christmas, Kinuthia gave his fans something to gush over after he posted a photo of himself wearing a yellow blazer and shorts outfit, following it up with a caption that undeniably raffled the feathers of his followers.

“A baby girl celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ,” Kinuthia wrote.

Although on several occasions Kinuthia has been avoiding the question of speaking about his true sexual orientation, many remain of the opinion that he is could be queer but refrains from coming out.

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Kinuthua dressed in a white wedding dress like outfit. Fab or drab? PHOTO | COURTESY

Some comments that caught the attention of many include;

“Ati baby girl, it’s okay then Merry Christmas baby girl,” Akoth responded sarcastically.

“The one who bewitched Kinuthia is still alive. The young man struggled a lot,” Dennis said.

“You need that Jesus to help you change from a baby girl to a full man. This is a shame,” another told him.

“I don’t know if we should call you Shiru or not?” Irene asked him.

Several months ago, Kinuthia opened up about searching for love but did not disclose of which gender, which only built on more speculation from netizens.

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Kelvin Kinuthia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Rumors of the possibility of being gay hit the headlines when he was seen in a video together with another blogger named Mtumba Man, photos of which they deleted a few moments later after people threw all kinds of accusations at them.

Kinuthia, however, remains unapologetic and adamant about revealing his personal matters to the public.

The social media influencer is also among a few Kenyan celebrities to have undergone a weight loss procedure this year.

The cross-dressing sensation revealed a little over a month ago that he weighed 138.6kgs before the procedure and now weighs 129kgs.

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Kinuthia said he hopes to lose 30kgs in the next three months.

“It’s a small tablet you swallow and when it gets to your stomach, they do an X-ray then start filling the tablet with a fluid. They fill through a pipe which sticks out your mouth,” he said.

“I’m staying with it for 4 months and then I’m done. I’m aiming to lose about 30kgs by the end of 4 months. I spent Sh450,000,” he added.