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TikToker M.Alby refuses to work with alcohol, betting, and condom brands

Mohammed Assad Alby, the 24-year-old TikTok sensation known for his signature pickup line “Mambo Nation”, has turned down endorsement deals with brands that don’t align with his beliefs and values.

Despite earning substantial money from brand deals, Alby refuses to work with companies that promote alcohol, betting, or condom use. He sees them as going against his Muslim faith and promoting negative values in society.

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“Firstly, brands I will never work with are those that deal or promote alcohol or betting. I am a Muslim and these are haram. I will also not work with brands that are very taboo, those that don’t reflect what I represent like condom brands.”

The 24-year-old tells me he is earning pretty good money, so much so that he scorns the thought of ever wanting to look for employment.

“Unless the 9am-5pm job pays me Sh700,000 and above,” he says without blinking an eye.

Since breaking into the limelight, Alby has been lucky enough to work with top corporate brands that pay him well.

Since gaining fame through his viral street skits, Alby has amassed over 600,000 followers on TikTok, 154,000 on Instagram, and 30,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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He has worked with major corporate brands such as Nokia, Fanta, and Bic, and was the brand ambassador for Two Rivers Mall last year.

Alby believes that the brands he works with should positively promote positivity and impact society.

“I would rather work with brands that encourage youth to invest and those that are about impacting the society with positive vibes because that is what you get when you interact with my content,” he says.

Despite the potential to earn millions from endorsement deals with alcohol, betting, and condom brands, Alby remains steadfast in his values and beliefs.

“Other than that, it’s the sociological impact. I don’t want to influence people to go into betting. I would rather work with brands that are aligned to positivity.”

Alby’s refusal to work with certain brands has not affected his popularity or earning potential, and he remains dedicated to spreading positivity and smiles to his followers through his content.

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