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TikToker Nick Kwach on reaction of real baby mama to ‘toxic baby mama’ content

By Wangu Kanuri January 25th, 2023 2 min read

Thespian cum media personality Nick Kwach has revealed how his baby mama reacted to the baba Ryan skits, where he stars alongside Aicy Steven, who acts as his very toxic baby mama.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Kwach shared that though he gets support from his close circle of friends and family to shoot the drama series, his real baby mama initially did not take it lightly.

Thanking God for having it smooth in co-parenting despite the normal relationship hiccups, Kwach says that at first, she did not say anything because they do not really have a chat about what each other does to make ends meet.

“The same way she does not talk about my input on the Trend, or a movie I starred in…she generally did not make any comment about them,” he says.

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Aicy Steven and Nick Kwach
Aicy Steven and Nick Kwach. PHOTO | COURTESY

The 30-year-old would then continue making the skits and spicing them up with input from his fans and friends.

However, one time after the fourth or fifth skit, Kwach’s baby mama requested him to have a chat on the baby mama drama series he was actively starring in.

“She asked me during the meeting, ‘Is there any part of this thing that you are doing that is inspired by me?'” he says, laughing.

“Could it be that I have pushed you against a corner so much so that you have decided to act it out in a skit?”

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In his response, Kwach told her that he was grateful that she was not the dramatic baby mama type adding that if that had been the case, he would have fled a long time ago.

“Thank God you are not like this,” he says in admiration, adding that it was the only time they had a conversation around the skits, and it has never come up again.

“But I think she could not have avoided the feeling of ‘are you talking about me?’ if we had not had the chat. However, after we talked about it that was it.”

He insists that it is hard to enact one’s life, saying that he derives the inspiration for the skits from what he has seen, heard about, and experienced in terms of being in the same space as those experiencing the drama.

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However, Kwach says that even his co-actress Aicy tells him that one can differentiate Baba Ryan the character, and him in real life.

“I do not entertain a lot of things like that,” he says.

Watch a section of that interview below.

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