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TikToker Nyako Pilot wins best content creator award

Despite recent controversy surrounding a leaked sex tape, TikTok sensation Nyako Pilot has emerged victorious, clinching the Best Content Creators Award in the Nyanza region.

The announcement was made on Monday, March 11 at the Kenya International Conference Center (KICC) in Nairobi, where Nyako Pilot was honored as the top content creator among Luo netizens in Nyanza.

The event was organized by the Marwa Music Awards in collaboration with the Music Copyrights Society of Kenya.

The event garnered attention with the presence of notable figures such as former Prime Minister’s wife Ida Odinga and MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua.

In a ceremony that celebrated both music artists and digital content creators, Nyako Pilot’s manager, Chinedu, expressed gratitude for the support received from Google Nation, the platform that endorsed and voted for Nyako as the region’s best online personality.

“Much accolades to Nyako Pilot for emerging as the winner, also much appreciation to Google Nation for voting for her. Many didn’t expect this, but concerning online trends, she’s the best TikToker with many followers on her TikTok live,” Chinedu remarked.

The award not only recognizes the German-based content’s but also highlights her philanthropic efforts.

Chinedu emphasized that the recognition has boosted Nyako’s brand, particularly her foundation aimed at assisting needy children in society.

“The award has added a name to Nyako and her Foundation, keeping in mind that she has never stepped into any Content Creation class or comedy school to learn how to entertain the public,” Chinedu added.

Despite public perceptions shaped by her online content, Chinedu reassured that Nyako Pilot is a humble and approachable individual, distinct from the persona often portrayed on social media.

Nyako’s brother, Wajakoyah in an interview with bloggers reflected on her comic nature since childhood.

“This award I can’t say much about it because I don’t know what the organisers realised in my sister…She’s such a comical lady all along from her childhood. For this category, I can’t say much about it because for me it is a surprise,” he said.

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