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TikToker regrets getting braces advertised by popular influencers

Popular content creator Njoki Kamande ha shared her regrets and lessons learned from her braces journey.

Titled “Things I Knew Before Getting Braces,” Kamande began by addressing one of the significant challenges she faced—hidden charges.

Expressing regret, she explained, “Hidden charges are one thing that I definitely wish I knew about before getting braces.”

Kamande emphasized that many clinics, while marketing affordable costs and discounts, often fail to disclose the entire price.

She revealed that these hidden charges, including fees for adjustments and the removal of braces, can catch individuals off guard, impacting the overall cost significantly.

“Good clinics give you a total cost; if you want to pay in installments, they provide that option, but the cost does not change. They just break it down in installments,” Kamande explained, urging others to be cautious about potential hidden fees.

Another regret Kamande highlighted was the unrealistic expectations she had based on influencers’ experiences.

“I wish I knew not to expect my treatment to go as smoothly as I saw the influencers go,” she confessed. Kamande emphasized that influencers often receive special treatment, the best doctors, and premium services in exchange for marketing clinics.

Linked to this, Kamande expressed regret for relying on information from social media pages of clinics.

“I wish I knew not to rely on their social media pages. I wish I understood how stupid that was,” she admitted. According to Kamande, these pages serve primarily as marketing platforms and may not provide comprehensive information about potential challenges or drawbacks of the braces treatment.

Braces, also known as orthodontic braces, are used to correct and align teeth that are misaligned or crooked.

The primary goal of braces is to improve the function and appearance of the teeth and jaw.

Orthodontic treatment can involve different types of braces, including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and invisible aligners.

The choice of braces depends on factors such as the severity of the alignment issues, the patient’s age, and personal preferences.