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TikToker shares shy women’s guide to getting money from rich men

A TikToker by the name Soraya West has shared what she believes is a bulletproof method for shy women to get money from the rich men they are dating. This advice is in line with her thematic content of how people can navigate life as sugar babies and sugar daddies and mummies; and how sugar babies can get generous rich men.

According to Ms West, the best method for shy women to use is the ‘Hot-Cold Method’ whereby they test the waters before answering their sugar daddies on how much allowance they expect per month.

“I know how nerve wrecking it can be asking your first multi-millionaire for the money that you’re looking for. He finally asked you how much you were looking for and you freeze. You are so close but now, you’re overthinking it. ‘What if the amount of money I’ve been practicing saying is too much for him and then it scares him away? Oh shoot, how do I bring it up?’ This is the only method you ever need to remember and it’s so foolproof, it’s not even funny,” Ms West said.

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She explained that the hot and cold method comes into play after a woman “works her magic” on a rich man and gets him to the place where he asks her how much she wanted per month.

“This is how you use the method. You say ‘forget it, no I couldn’t say’ and he’d say ‘no, no, no tell me. You’ll probably be like ‘no, you’re probably used to girls who don’t even ask, I couldn’t. He’d then go ‘no, just tell me $20,000’. He could even later say that it’s a steep amount and you would tell him that is why you didn’t want to tell him an amount because you like nice things and he is probably used to girls who like simple things,” she said.

She claimed that the hot and cold method in such situations work every time because the woman builds curiosity because she has drawn the wealthy man in so much that it would be too late for him to back out of the “poisonous” conversation. Ms West said this was the perfect place to have him…having his guard down instead of up and from a far distance.

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She also claimed the method helps a woman gather her thoughts and courage before broaching the financial amount. During the negotiation period, the moments taken during the conversation could allow a woman to gather her wits about herself and decided to steam ahead and say the amount she wants.

Lastly, this method allegedly makes a woman be perceived as having two personalities – one that attacks his ego by answering his questions and then doubting that he could even do what you want; and as an innocent woman who didn’t want to mention an amount in the first place because she knew the rich man couldn’t afford what she wanted and she wasn’t forcing him to be around her if he didn’t want to be.

“Even if you are shy, use the hot and cold method; and get your generous rich man,” she concluded.

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