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TikToker’s explanation of how M-Pesa transaction codes are generated stirs Kenyans online

By Winnie Mabel December 6th, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan content creator on TikTok by the name of Roy Kanyi stirred up his followers with his explanation of how M-Pesa mobile money transaction codes were generated.

He did this as he sought to refute claims that he had been lying to his followers about an earlier explanation on the same and this time he returned with what he termed as evidence.

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Kanyi used the M-Pesa transactions done on the following days: QJV2YSFRCG transacted on October 2022, QK121EG71S transacted on November 1, 2022, QK293ZQ80N transacted on November 2, 2022, QK375J9VFN transacted on November 3, 2022, and QK4081HQSK transacted on November 4, 2022.

“Some of you said that I was lying, like bro, this is information you have on your phone, not even mine. It’s a new month, check your M-Pesa codes. Last month, it was QJ something, right? J for the month.

Right now, it’s K…if you go by the alphabet. So we are K for November. Q is still the same for 2022 and today is December 1, so it will be QK1. Tomorrow will be QK2 and so forth until the 10th when it will be QKA. That’s it, man,” explained Kanyi as he wondered how people didn’t quickly understand how the codes are generated.

Mpesa Code
Mpesa Code

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His explanation elicited mixed reactions as seen below:

“It’s true but you are overworking your brain bro,” laughed Sonnie.

“Very true. I realized (this) when I used to work in M-Pesa,” added Awino Nyar Bob.

“It’s true. Where I work, payments are cashless and the code for yesterday was QK5…yesterday was the 5th,” said Atieno P.

“Why are people saying it’s a lie?” asked RayNjire.

“Your sense is on another level. I’m confirming,” laughed Rachna.

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“You got strength my G. I just want money, the codes aren’t important,” laughed Vivianne.

“What do the other last codes mean?” asked Waitherero.

“It’s a logarithm based on year, month, week and day which changes automatically. So I verify the information is true,” Patoh Mwas supported Kany’s explanations.

“Your brain went to a group of schools,” laughed Penggz in reference to local stereotyping that groups of schools are expensive private schools as opposed to public schools which are often used as polling stations.

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