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Tim Wanyonyi split between family and party loyalty in Speaker’s vote

By Wangu Kanuri September 8th, 2022 2 min read

Member of Parliament for Westlands Tim Wanyonyi is coy on whether he will vote for his brother Moses Wetangula who is seeking to become the Speaker of National Assembly.

Mr Wanyonyi is Mr Wetangula’s younger sibling but are on opposing political camps. While Wanyonyi is a member of Azimio la Umoja and was elected as Westlands lawmaker for the third successive time on an ODM ticket, Wetangula is a Kenya Kwanza Alliance principal and a close ally of Deputy President Willliam Ruto. He retained the Bungoma senatorial seat on a Ford Kenya ticket.

Wetangula will face off with Azimio candidate Kenneth Marende for the Speaker role.

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“Azimio has the numbers and I expect the whips to rally members and ensure we vote in our candidate. I know my brother is also contesting and he is on the other political divide. I will not confirm whether or not I plan to vote for him. Whoever I vote for will remain a secret,” Wanyonyi said in an interview.

In a pre-election pact with Kenya Kwanza leader Dr William Ruto, Wetangula negotiated for 30 per cent of the government positions if he together with ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi delivered 70 per cent of votes from western Kenya.

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Mr Wetangula had previously denied that he was defending his seat for personal gain.

“Many have asked why I’m defending my seat despite getting 30 per cent in the Kenya Kwanza government. I am not looking for personal gain. The shares we have gotten in the Kenya Kwanza agreement will be distributed in the government,” Wetangula said said before the August 9 General Election.

“We shall have 22 ministers in Kenya Kwanza where Ford Kenya shall have three cabinet secretaries and ANC another three cabinet secretaries, including permanent secretaries, ambassadors and many other senior government positions,” he further said.

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