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Timmy Tdat and Otile Brown end beef with a jam song

By THOMAS MATIKO February 20th, 2018 1 min read

Rapper Timmy Tdat and RnB singer Otile Brown have ended their beef that had at some point seen them exchange blows at a dinner party hosted by bongo flava star Vanessa Mdee  two weeks ago in Nairobi.

On Sunday, the two dropped their second collabo and have been publicizing the song on their social media accounts.

The once bosom friends turned physical on each other at the dinner party after Otile had stepped out to receive a phone call, but returned and pulled Timmy aside for a talk, before hell broke loose after a short argument between them.

Rapper Prezzo’s effort to separate the two was fruitless, until reinforcement by radio presenter Shaffie Weru prevailed.

It was later understood that the two were fighting over a girl; Otile suspected his friend Timmy was having an affair with his lass.

But after two weeks of bitter exchanges on social media, Otile and Timmy suddenly went easy on each other last week.

Two days ago, Otile posted a picture of himself shaking hands with Timmy during in a studio session.

On Sunday they dropped their latest collabo ‘Tam Tam’.

In the song, the two confirm to have ended their beef. Towards the end Timmy says “Hehehehe! buda ngumi ulihata ikakuta Prezzo pole…” and Otile replies “Ulicheki teke la Bruce Lee, kibano.”