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Tinder bans Tiktoker for using the app to sell candles and turning a huge profit

By Winnie Mabel February 8th, 2023 2 min read

An American Caucasian man by the name Thompson Ferrier from New York city was banned from the dating app, Tinder, for misusing the platform.

According to Ferrier, he was banned from Tinder after it was discovered he was using it to promote his business instead of looking for people to meet and have dates with.

“I am banned from Tinder for life. Yeah, that’s an old story by the way and no, I was not on Tinder for the reasons you think I was on.

Actually, I used it for business. I thought it was very smart. So think about it for a second, Tinder is zip code driven.

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You’re supposed to find someone in your own area, so you have to put your zip code in. So I did that and I set up my personal profile as a business…which means I put a beautiful candle in instead of myself, and I did a coupon code.

Then I started swiping and it started working great because everybody’s like ‘jeu, you know what, I could use this coupon.’ It’s a beautiful candle and they all came to my website but then, the zip code got exhausted.

Then I discovered that there is Tinder Pro which allows you to be in multiple locations simultaneously. I searched the message code and I started swiping right for everybody; and guess what? It worked great. Everybody started claiming their coupon because the picture was fantastic, it was a picture of a candle and they loved it.

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I all of a sudden got banned for life, not for life, I just got banned all of a sudden. It was such a good trick, I used the situation very well. I reached out to them like ‘Hey, text me on Tinder, what is going on, why are you banning me.’ I was violating the community rules apparently.

So if you have a pizza joint, nail salon or whatever; and you need to reach all your local people, set up a profile – a business profile- but personal of course and swipe right to all the local people and offer them coupons on a specific amount they spend…guess what, you’re going to reach everybody in your neighborhood in that zip code.

I think that’s awesome but me, I can’t. There is no Tinder for Rafi because I’m banned for life for using Tinder for its unintended purpose. I think we should come up with a new platform called Binder for business. Who wants to come up with Binder with me?” said Ferrier.

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