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Tingisha miti! Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai reacts to marijuana photo on her IG

Businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has been forced to clarify an incident in which she posted a photo of a marijuana plant on her Instagram on November 13, 2023.

The day has been declared a national holiday by the government to allow Kenyans to plant trees that will aid in conserving the environment.

Despite the absence of a caption in her post, fans quickly jumped to conclusions, assuming she was endorsing the substance.

In an Instagram story, the Keroche heiress addressed the speculation, saying:

“You guys and your comments. My bad, I didn’t look too deep into the picture.”

She added, “Never smoked anything in my life.” Anerlisa Muigai aimed to dispel any misunderstandings regarding her post and affirmed her stance on substance use.

Marijuana use is against the law in Kenya, whether it’s for medical or recreational use.

The cultivation, sale, and possession of the cannabis plant are associated with penalties, which may include a maximum imprisonment of 20 years and fines amounting to 1 million shillings or three times the market value of the seized cannabis, particularly for personal use.

Nevertheless, some politicians have voiced support for its legalization.

On November 13, 2023, the government officially declared a special holiday, urging the public nationwide to participate in tree planting as a patriotic initiative to combat the severe impacts of Climate Change on our country.

The Kenyan Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Forestry assured the provision of tree seedlings for what it described as an “unprecedented show of commitment by the Government towards our climate action obligations.”

Environment Minister Soipan Tuya emphasized the significance of the day, stating, “It is a moment for Kenyans to stand in solidarity in the defense of our environment, a ‘hummingbird’ contribution day, with everyone joining forces to combat the climate change crisis.”

President Ruto, who assumed the presidency in September 2022, has prioritized the National Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration Program, emphasizing the government’s commitment to environmental conservation and restoration efforts.

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