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‘Tiny penis’ emoji coming and tweeps can’t keep calm

Hundreds of new emoji are set to hit smartphones this year including a very rude hand gesture of a pinching motion that will suggest ‘small penis’.

The pinching emoji is among 270 new updates which were revealed on Wednesday by the developer, Unicode Consortium.

The developer insists that the emoji is just a “pinching hand” gesture, meaning a “small amount”, but no one is buying it

Another interesting new emoji added is a red drop of liquid which many have branded the ‘monthly periods blood emoji’.

Here is how Twitter has reacted to the new emojis.

“Some of you petty women are going to love this new pinching had emoji,” Melissa Elizabeth captioned a picture of the emoji she shared.

“The pinching hand emoji will soley be used for small dicks,” another user commented.

“Maybe this upcoming emoji will be useful as a response to unsolicited dick pics,” echoed another.

“Pack it up fellas, every girl just gained the ability to win an argument in just one emoji,” Brian Brian posted.

Before the updates, an eggplant emoji has often been used to mean penis.

The emoji additions will take a few months to reflect on your androids and iPhone smartphones.