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TIPS: Eight myths about sex and size debunked

Sex has been part of romantic relationships since they came into being. Still, there are tonnes of things that we do not understand about sex.

Here’s a look into some of the common myths we hold about sex and penile size;

1. The big feet, big hands theory – Every woman has heard this one. Once you meet a prospective love interest, all you need to do to gauge the size of his manhood is look at his feet or his hands.

This theory is based on the Hox gene which is responsible for both the growth of fingers and toes and the penis and clitoris.

There however isn’t hard scientific evidence showing a correlation between the sizes of these two body parts.

2. The bigger the better – This is a myth that has resulted in a lot of injured male egos. The truth however is that as much as different women have different preferences in regard the size, compatibility between a man and a woman is what ultimately determines whether an experience is fulfilling or not.

3. About enlargement pills and creams – You will not walk past a few buildings in Nairobi without coming across an advertisement for some magic male hood cream or pills. The truth however is that there isn’t any evidence of successful enlargement using creams or pills. This can only be achieved through surgery.

There is some good news though. Using these pills and creams can boost a man’s sexual performance because they alter his psychology giving him that feel good effect.

4. African men are better endowed – This is a racist notion which seems to be so deeply rooted that manufacturers distribute the larger condom sizes to African countries.

The truth is that there is a variety of sizes across the races. In the colonial era, black men were seen as animalistic and lust driven thus the notion that they were bigger and more virile.

5. On men and casual sex – The common assumption is that more men than women are likely to prefer casual sex to commitment. The truth is that casual sex occurs amongst both sexes in equal measure. It is a matter of choice rather than gender.

6. His Adams apple – A man’s Adams apple is seen as a sign of virility. The bigger it is, the more virile or ‘big’ a man is assumed to be. The truth however is that there is no connection between the size of an Adam’s apple and a man’s manhood.

7. Condoms take the fun out of sex – This is a myth that is mostly perpetrated by the male folk. The truth however is that when you choose the right kind of condom, it can actually enhance your sexual experience.

If you think condoms take the fun out of it, you are probably using the wrong shape or size.

8. The G-spot – This has to be the most debated on part of a woman’s body. It is true, every women has a G-spot. What most do not know is that not every woman’s G-spot is erogenous so don’t sweat it.