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Tips on how to shed that holiday weight gain

If you are like singer Kelly Clarkson, you added some weight during the festive season and the work pants no longer fit well.

Clarkson’s admission to gaining weight during Christmas came with her plan to lose it all before the New Year begun.

For those who have just realised what happened while trying to fit in their favourite work pants, do not worry we have some tips that can help.

1.Walk, walk, walk
Do not wait for Governor Mike Sonko’s walking city plan to resume as he had promised. Ditch the car for public transport this week and your walks to the matatu stage will sure trim you up.

2. Drink a lot of water
Water is great for weight loss. Double up your water intake. It will help you feel fuller and eat less so as to achieve that weight loss.

3. Ditch the junk food
By now I believe you had enough junk during Christmas and New Year celebrations. It’s now time to have more vegetables and fruits to help you drop some kilos you packed up during the holidays.

4. Incorporate some light exercises
If you are not a gym enthusiast you do not need to enroll right now to achieve your weight loss plans. Start some light exercises like morning or evening jogs and do a few home workouts just to ensure you go back to your pre-holiday weight.

5. Take breaks at work
Do not come from an eventful or active holiday mode to some lazy sitting on your desk mode. Take breaks and walk around the office a few time during work hours to keep your body active. Sitting in front of that computer will just add more kilos to your weight. If need be, get a fitness watch to remind you to move around.