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Tips: Ways to get over the long Easter weekend

Its Easter Monday and with that comes the end of the long weekend.

Easter was characterized by a lot of travelling and hanging out with friends and relatives. Here are tips to get through Tuesday with ease.


After four days of overindulgence, it is time to bring back some sanity to your body and a good detox would work well. Whether is the green smoothies or lots of water, a wheat and alcohol free diet will do some good to your body.

This will ensure on Tuesday morning you wake up fresh and ready to take on the week.

2. Clean up
There is nothing as derailing as starting the week with no clean clothes and in a messy house. Set aside a few hours to do some cleaning just to make the closet and the house habitable.

A little help from the ‘mama nguo’ can do especially if you had a huge heap of dirty laundry.

3. Get some good sleep
An afternoon nap on Easter Monday afternoon will rejuvenate your mind and body so set aside about an hour after the festivities to catch some sleep. Retiring to bed early this evening will also be a great idea to ensure you get the eight hours of sleep required to take on the upcoming end of the month.

4. Check your diary

Planning is essential at the start of every week so ensure you check your diary for any early meetings or tasks. Make those confirmation calls this evening so that you have an idea of what you will be waking up to on Tuesday. Writing down the list of tasks will also help organise the day ahead of you.

5. Wind down

After a long weekend of action, you need to wind down with a movie, some cool music or even a book depending on what makes you relax.

Set aside a few hours to read an exciting book which will put you on the mood to work starting Tuesday.

A nice movie could also work for the film lovers, but ensure you do not settle for a television series as it will run late into the night hence deprive you of the much needed sleep.

6. Don’t go out tonight

Whatever you do, please don’t go out tonight. In the evening just relax in the house and if possible do not invite friends over because you need that ‘you time’ to get you ready for the grind. An evening out with friends will just extend the weekend and will do nothing to get you ready for the week ahead.

7. Wake up early

After all is said and done, set that alarm to ensure you have an early morning. Early mornings are a great way to remind your body that the weekend is over. Since you have a list of tasks, wake up early and start with a work out then get the morning pre-planned tasks done.