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Tiwa Savage: Singer Jidenna’s tattoo inspired me to get mine

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has revealed that American star Jidenna’s tattoo inspired her to take up the challenge to have hers drawn.

Speaking during The Trend show hosted by Amina, Savage said that she met Jidenna at a festival and inquired about his tattoo.

“So we met at a festival, and he explained his tattoo to me. He told me that his tattoo meant her mother’s river, my dad the ocean. So it looked so cool to me, and I wanted to have one,” said Savage.

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Savage said she decided to have her right arm tattooed after seeing Jidenna’s tattoo.

“It was pretty cool and I also decided to have mine,” added Savage.

Speaking about the whole process of having her tattoo, Savage relates the pain to child labour.

“It was close to child labor,” revealed Savage.

About having her left arm tattooed, Savage says that she has no plans because tattooing the right hand was too painful.

“I don’t intend to have my left arm tattooed. I think this is just enough,” added Savage.

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Tiwa Savage tattoo
Tiwa Savage shows off her tattoo

She also revealed that it took her three days to fix it.

“Because of the pain, I almost gave up but I kept on pushing. I actually stopped at a point but I gained my strength and went back. But now it really looks great after persevering the pain,” said Savage.

“Because it was a long and complicated tattoo, I spent eight hours each day,” added Savage.

Last year, the mother of one shared a video of the moment her tattoo was being drowned.

The video showed Tiwa sitting on a chair as the tattoo artist did his job on her arm.

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