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Tizi Games seeks to improve math performance in primary school

Tizi Games, a mobile educational games start-up in Kenya, says it has designed a collection of math games to help students improve on the subject during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tizi Games is a new platform of interactive and educational games, and boasts of providing a fun way of understanding important concepts taught in the standard Kenyan curriculum.

The mobile gaming company said its two newest math games are called Explosive Math and Tuhesabu Bano targeting students from the ages of six to 10.

In Explosive Math, students from class one to four must save the world from crashing meteors by answering math questions, meant to help them revise math based on the approved CBC curriculum.

On the other hand, Tuhesabu Bano is based on the classic “Banos” schoolyard game that many Kenyan parents grew up with and is meant to jog one’s mind in a fun and interactive way.

“We work together to make learning fun. These math games enhance what your children learn in school and act as revision for the week’s schoolwork,” said Maria Wangechi, Community Manager for Tizi Games.

The Tizi games are accessible and paid on a mobile web-based platform therefore any parent with a smartphone can subscribe on behalf of their children.

Ms Wangechi noted that Covid-19 pandemic presents a challenge for parents to provide tuition for their children, especially at home hence the platform can become a tutor.