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To hell with you! TikTok star Naomi Wanjau tells body shamers

By SInda Matiko February 18th, 2023 1 min read

Witty TikTok sensation Naomi Wanjau says she has no time for body shamers because as far as she is concerned, her rotund body shape is making her money.

Wanjau has gained a legion of followers on her TikTok thanks to her comedy dancing content with her body shape at the epi center of it all.

TikToker Naomi Wanjau. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Everybody has their opinion, some say I should hit the gym, others say nasty stuff, but in all honesty, I really don’t care. Opinions don’t affect me,” the supply chain management student, says.

“I don’t mind how I look, for me, it’s more of having fun on TikTok. If anything I have started generating income from my content and hoping to make more as I continue to entertain people.”

Wanjau started witnessing a rise in followers following the release of the hit song Angela by Boutross. She did the Angela Dance Challenge, and her skit soon went viral.