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Tob Cohen’s murder: Widow’s lawyer Philip Murgor turns heat on DCI

By Mary Wangari September 14th, 2019 2 min read

The gruesome murder of the Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen has taken an interesting twist with his widow, Sarah Wairimu, now accusing the Director of Criminal Investigation of having a hand in the murder.

Speaking through her lawyer Philip Murgor, on today Saturday, Sarah wondered how DCI boss George Kinoti knew the body was Cohen’s before it was even retrieved.

“Mr Kinoti knew even before it was was opened that it was Tob Cohen, maybe you will ask him how he knew it. Wairimu has not been here in the last seventeen days and this place has been in the exclusive control of police,” he said.

According to the lawyer, the investigating officers took the keys from caretakers and ordered them not to step out and they obliged.

“On Friday around 2.40pm my colleague decided to call the caretakers to find out if everything was alright. We called Jesse and he said only two words ‘wako hapa (they are here)’ and his phone was snatched away. We went to the house and found the police by themselves without the defence team (us) or Wairimu,” he claimed in a press conference on Saturday.


Murgor revealed that there was a sewerage system which seemed to be freshly cemented to cover the manhole and police directly went to it and started digging up.

“They all knew that is what they wanted to dig. They dug it and removed the cover,” he said.

He insisted that his client, Sarah, was innocent until proved otherwise and questioned how the media and those who knew that the billionaire was already dead, found out.

The deceased’s badly mutilated body was retrieved from an underground tank in his Kitisuru home, Nairobi on Friday, September 13, in a murder most foul.

Following the retrieval, Mr Kinoti emotionally explained the painful manner in which the Dutch met his cruel death.

“Cohen was murdered in his own residence. It is a gruesome murder. They took their time to kill innocent Cohen. I will not describe much now, but in the subsequent unfolding of events. He was bound, hands, legs and the neck, before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank,” he narrated.