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Toddler drowns in river after crawling from farm

Tragedy befell a family in Makima, Mbeere South constituency, Embu county after a two-year old child drowned in River Tana, as her parents prepared a farm.

The child who was identified as Sharon Wawira had wandered to the river bank unnoticed when she fell inside.

The worried parents only realized what had happened after desperately mounting a search, only to discover tiny footprints near the river.

Area residents together with divers from the nearby Mwea National Game Reserve were called in but had not recovered the body by Monday afternoon.


Area MCA Peninah Mutua said they were exploring possibilities of the body having drifted towards Kamburu dam after people living across the Mwea national game reserve said they had spotted the body.

“There are claims that the body was spotted being carried by water heading towards Kamburu near the Mwea national. The KWS divers have not been able to locate the body,” she said as she led residents in the exercise.

The child’s father Mr Kariuki Kabuitu said they had placed the child under a tree but then she crawled towards the river.

Ms Mutua said most of residents had been farming near the river due to the prolonged drought that had visited most parts of the county until March.