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Tokodi, Ekirapa finally confirm relationship rumors in Christmas video

For a while now, many Kenyans have been asking whether Pascal Tokodi and NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa are an item.

Finally, the cat is out of the bag after the couple decided to reveal their relationship status on Christmas day.

The NTV Crossover host posted a video in which she together with actor Tokodi wished Kenyans a merry Christmas and captioned it, “Christmas will never be the same again. I wouldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else @pascaltokodi. Merry Christmas to You and Yours. Blessings.”


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The singer turned actor posted a picture with the caption, “You are my person ❤️? @graceekirapa,” to which Grace replied, “And you are mine❤️❤️??.”


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The two were first rumoured to be an item early in October when their wedding photos trended on social media.

However, it later emerged that the pictures were from a video shoot for a song by Tokodi featuring King Kaka and Ekirapa was their video vixen.

The footage showed Ekirapa and Tokodi in wedding outfits, making fans suspect that the two might have gotten married secretly.


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A few days ago, tea master Edgar Obare shared a never-seen-before photo of Ekirapa’s home and among her wall decorations was a photo from her wedding with Tokodi, convincing fans that the music video was an actual wedding.

Sorry ladies, it seems Tokodi has finally left the singles market forever for now.