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Tony Nyadundo: I’m tired of being ‘killed’ each year by jealous artistes

King of Ohangla Tony Nyadundo was the only artiste hired and paid to perform at Akothee’s glamorous wedding on Monday, April 10, 2023.

Nyadundo was dressed in his trademark performance leopard skin garb as he entertained hundreds of guests at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club.

Speaking to online media, the 55-year-old talented singer said he was picked from the rest since his songs are educational and can be performed to any audience and age group.

“They don’t have dirty words. I don’t sing to encourage immorality.”

He advised young artists to sing knowing that they are getting old and people will respect them even when they are old.

He said some artists miss such opportunities since they use dirty words that promote ‘immorality’.

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Nyadundo, whose music career spans over 25 years, also said he wished to live longer, citing jealousy in some of his artists from his community.

“Some people kill me every year. I mean, I rest in peace every year but the thoughts of human beings are different. We have different personalities. Jealousy is something that has been there for a long time. I can only pray for them,” he said.

He said he has remained relevant since his talent is a gift from God.

“In the industry, there are ups and downs. There are those with talents and those who are learning to be musicians. Those with talents are different. Those talented artistes, stay for long in the industry because God gave them that to live with it, like me.”

As the only artiste performing at Akothee’s wedding, Nyadundo said he was paid well.

He revealed that he would also perform at Akothee’s second European wedding.

His message to Gengetone artists is to look for educational sheng words.

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Nyadundo explained why he had refused to work with some artists saying their music doesn’t rhyme with his.

“My songs are narrative. I have a song with Akothee, but not been released,” he said.

Famous for his electrifying stage performance, Nyadundo is the pacesetter for many Ohangla stars, among them Prince Indah, whom he described as a talented artiste.

Nyadundo said Indah might not last long if he makes decisions based on pressure from his fans.

“He should be taking enough time before he releases the next song. Music is like land. If you keep releasing title deeds, you will end up landless.”

Tony started singing when he was only 19 under his brother Jack Nyadundo’s watchful eye.

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