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Tony Wamalwa wins Bungoma’s Ugali eating competition

Western Kenya is known for different games and competitions which attract spectators who cheer on their teams.

In Kibabii village of Bungoma County, two men participated in an ugali eating competition.

The contest involved each of them eating two kilograms of ugali while their fans rallied them.

Ugali is a staple food in Kenya and an ugali eating competition is considered a sport, especially in Western Kenya.

What started as a conversation in the village led to Tony Wamalwa and Anthony Nyongesa engaging in the sport.

The two had been advised against eating anything from the morning of the day of the competition.

The dish was thoroughly prepared and the time was set.

Nyongesa was dressed in a red t-shirt and a grey pair of trousers whereas Wamalwa was shirtless but had worn a dark brown pair of trousers. The duo sat comfortably each with their ugali and omena (a meal involving fried small fish).

The young and old were spectating as the two men participated in the competition.

After 35 minutes of hand-and-mouth coordination all in an effort of winning the game as fans rallied them on, Wamalwa emerged as the winner with Nyongesa barely quarter way through.

Wamalwa congratulated his opponent at the end of the competition by saying that what he just ate was a lot and only a few people could do it.

The competition showcased the level of food culture and competition that exists in Bungoma County.

The event takes place annually during the planting season, and the champion usually receives maize seeds and fertilizer to use for planting.

As a result and with his stomach protruding, the crowd jubilated and celebrated him Wamalwa following his win.

He was awarded maize fertilizer and an unknown amount of money.

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