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‘Too much attention,’ Vera Sidika on why she hasn’t been going to church

Renowned socialite Vera Sidika has embarked on a new mission – to strengthen her relationship with God in 2024.

Through her Instagram stories, the mother of two candidly sought assistance from her followers in finding a suitable church, expressing her reluctance to attend due to the overwhelming attention.

“I haven’t been to church in ages. Damn. I pray and do my part as a Christian, but it’s damn hard going to church. Too much attention. If you know any good churches where I won’t be distracted, please suggest some. Ideally in Karen. This 2024, I am building a better relationship with God,” Vera shared.

Notably, she has previously expressed discomfort with the attention she receives due to her physique, including her prominent derriere.

Reflecting on a supermarket incident in February 2023, Vera recounted creating a scene that led to her avoiding such public spaces for over five years.

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A photo shared on her Instagram stories captured when she bought groceries, causing a stir among shoppers and staff alike.

Acknowledging her fame, Vera Sidika has candidly confessed that the attention she garners makes her reluctant to engage socially.

“This was the last time I was in a supermarket. In Village Market. More than five years ago. I caused wahala (disruption). All cashiers stopped scanning products to stare. Including other staff like this lady here.”

Despite her public persona, Vera grapples with her celebrity status’s impact on her daily life. Beyond her celebrity struggles, she has been open about her physical insecurities.

She has openly admitted her dislike for the size of her behind, expressing a desire for a more modest physique.

“To speak the truth, I don’t like my big behind. I didn’t want them to grow big like this. I wish they were small, not too small but medium,” she said.