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Top 10 Kenyan Albums of the Year

By Nation FM December 23rd, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan youth have remained committed to supporting Kenyan music on account that artists have released phenomenal albums this year.

Nation FM has realized that you must have loved some of these Kenyan albums-no doubt;

1. Nikita Kering – The other side
Her most played song on this album being On-Yah. She has also been making headlines especially after being featured on the New York Times Square Billboard and bagging Spotify’s Equal Program ambassador title.

2. Bien & Aaron Rimbui – Bald men love better
What are the odds that both of these men are “bald” and have influenced most Nairobi men to follow suit.

3. Savara – Savage level
Now Savara is a movement by himself. He says the title of this album means unlocking one’s potential. Initially the title of this album was Misunderstood.

4. Nyashinski – Therapy
The EP has 4 jams but you truly have to love them. As you know Nyashinski, his vibe remains constant! Always.

5. Octopizzo – Lamu Nights
This album features various artists. Watch out for his set performances as he teams up with Matata and Burukulyn Boyz.

6. Lisa Oduor-Noah
She is arguably the sweetest. Her top jams in this album include Galaxy and Jeraha. Find her championing fights against Gender Based Violence.

7. Cedo- Ceduction
His album has been produced by Cedo and some of his lyrics written by Nyashinski.

8. Chris Kaiga – Adventures of kaiga
Young souls can’t quite settle between “Zimenice” and “Kengele”. What’s your favorite of the two?

9. Wakadinali – Haitaki Hasira
They have finally lived up to their promise by releasing this album. It was highly anticipated especially after lining up a stream of artists.

10. Xenia Manasseh & Ukweli – Maybe
You might know little about Ukweli, but she is a DJ, Producer and Director who is also a member of the EA wave.

A few other artists including Brandy Maina, Kinoti and Xeniah Manasseh freshly linger in the list of the most popular musicians listened to this year. Others who might find their way into the list are; Burukulyn Boyz, Ayrosh, Ethan Muziki and Watendawili.

Well, what’s on your top 10 albums of 2022?