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Top 5 Kenyan stars accused of being clout chasers of 2022

If there is one thing the effect of the downtime during the pandemic has had on the entertainment industry, then it is to make artists more desperate for attention.

With hundreds of people flocking to the online space to post videos of their art, consumers have been spoiled for choosing what channels and social handles to watch and follow.

Some individuals have to perform desperate stunts just to attract attention and maintain relevance.

Below is our top 5 ‘foolish’ clout-chasing stunts.

Comedian Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

From chaining at parliament to wearing ridiculous outfits, his stunts started way back in 2018 when he landed in trouble after sharing a video of himself swimming naked with children.

The video – which he later deleted from his Instagram account –  captured him naked, while trying to hide his private parts with his hands, and he could be heard encouraging the children to keep swimming.

Fast forward, he still continues to surprise his fans. In August, Omondi was number one trending on Twitter, after wearing female clothes complete with makeup and a wig. In one particular video, he wore a bodysuit while dancing to American singer Beyonce hit song Single Ladies.

The less than three-minute video captures Omondi with two other women, shaking their behinds to the beat, showing off their perky ‘assets’.

Socialite Vera Sidika


Two photos of Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika with her butt implants and after their removal. PHOTOS | COURTESY

This will go into the books as being one of the worst clout-chasing stunts of all time, at least until another celebrity breaks her record.

After months of missing in action online, Vera decided to make a rather crazy comeback by claiming that she had to lose her bum because of medical complications. In case you are wondering why we are making such a big fuss, then first of all, go Google Vera Sidika’s photo and come back to continue reading this story.

Vera burst into the lime light back in 2010 fter appearing as a video vixen to P-Unit song You Guy. Her voluptuous derriere and hourglass figure also helped in propelling her popularity.

She has in several occasions, revealed that she had undergone surgery to achieve her figure, and it was rather a sad occurrence – at least for team mafisi – when she claimed that she had lost it.

Her fans later realised that it was all a lie when she released a new song where she had all her assets intact.

Diana Marua


Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

From being a prayer partner to an online star, it seems she will stop at nothing to get those views on Youtube.

Not much was known about her before meeting singer Bahati, but it seems there is someone working behind the scenes to make sure we know about it. A video of Diana confessing to having dated multiple men in the past to be able to afford a good life magically appeared online.


TikToker Aq9nine eating a bat and setting his jewels on fire
TikToker Aq9nine eating a bat and setting his jewels on fire

Born Steve Alvin Muthomi, the TikTok content creator went viral after posting a video claiming that he had eaten a spider, and as a result, his face was swollen, and he had a horrible reaction that also led to him itching all over.

He shared his situation, grimacing in pain, saying, “Guys, make your last prayers before I go. Pray for me. I am going. I feel like I don’t have a face.”

The spooky content creator later clarified, “I did not eat a spider. It ate me. I tell people not to believe everything they see on social media, and this is one of those things. I did not eat a spider. I said that I had eaten it because I was nervous. The spider bit my arm; at the time, I was going to work at a construction site. That’s the true story.”

Saying he never knew that the video had gone viral until he logged on to his social media accounts and discovered it had been posted on several news sites.

Akorino twins

Pastor T Mwangi prays for the Akorino twins , Peter Macharia and Teddy Kimathi, who rose to fame after claiming to date one lady, teenager Emily Nyaruiru
Pastor T Mwangi prays for the Akorino twins , Peter Macharia and Teddy Kimathi, who rose to fame after claiming to date one lady, teenager Emily Nyaruiru. PHOTO | COURTESY

Like a script from a very terrible movie Akorino girl Emily Nyaruiru and the twin brothers, Teddy Kimanthi and Peter Macharia, were left disappointed when their stunt failed to attract followers as they expected.

The trio came out and confessed that they scripted the storyline purely for clout to get subscribers for their YouTube channel.

In their social media post, the three said that the Akorino lady is dating Peter Macharia, not Teddy Kimathi. Admitting to this, Teddy, on their YouTube vlog, said they decided to come clean after their story backfired. They were shunned and rejected by family and fans.

“The truth is, the whole thing was a lie, it was all for clout. We were shocked by the pushback and insults we received from netizens.”

Teddy explained, “We have money problems and we were looking for a way to make money so I sat down with Peter and we came up with the story but all we have received is rejection.”

He clarified that Emily is in a relationship with his twin Peter.