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Top artistes to perform at concert for visually impaired students

By Winnie Mabel February 18th, 2023 2 min read

Several renowned musicians will be performing a concert to support visually impaired students at Thika Primary School for the Blind today.

According to the event organisers, the concert, which will run between 10am and 4pm, aims to empower child with a white cane with independent mobility.

Among the artistes who have been lined up to perform at the event are legendary singer Hellen Mtawali, gospel singers Guardian Angel, Solomon Mukubwa, Daddy Owen, Mbuvi and Mary Atieno, while Music Copyright Society of Kenya CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua will be the guest at the concert.

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Other guests and performers are Pastor T. Mwangi, Simbo Owade, Maji Maji, Mwende Macharia, Ellah Maina, Amos Nyambane, Maryanne Wangari, Julius Mbura, Judy Mamah, visually impaired athlete Henry Wanyoike, Dan Mogore, visually impaired nominated Senator Crystal Asige and Denno Music himself.

The organizers also revealed that they intended to gift the students at the school with white canes to help them navigate their daily lives with greater ease and confidence.

“As blind persons ourselves, we understand the importance of having a white cane as a tool of independence. We were touched by the struggles that we felt the children at Thika Primary School for the Blind were facing, and we decided to take action to help them,” said event organisers Denno Music and lawyer Julio Supercharge.

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“The White Cane Drive is a project that aims to empower children at Thika Primary School for the Blind with the independence and freedom that comes with having their own white cane,” the duo said.

The organizers also unveiled the mobile money Till Number 8007424 as the official number where supporters could channel their contributions in support of the White Cane Drive.

The Thika School for the Visually Impaired is run and sponsored by the Salvation Army Church and is one of the renowned special schools in Kenya. It is a boarding school that educated both male and female students within its premises.

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