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Top city hotels named in Sh1.7bn Sports scandal

By DAVID MWERE August 23rd, 2018 2 min read

A report by the Auditor-General Edwin Ouko, tabled in the National Assembly by Leader of Majority Leader Aden Duale, shows that over 80 firms received money from the Sports ministry.

The ministry is on the spot for failing to account for Sh1.7 billion used in last year’s IAAF Under-18 World Youth Championships in Nairobi.

The National Assembly Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, will consider the report, which shows that Sh349.6 million was incurred through direct procurement, against the Public Procurement and Disposal Act of 2015.

About Sh66 million was controversially set aside for the procurement of taxi services, and Pewin Cabs Ltd was paid Sh66 million above the market rate, the report says.

“This company was also given a dry cleaning and laundry services contract valued at Sh30.8 million,” he adds.

Here is a list of the firms and the amount of money each received from the Sports ministry.

  • Sarova Stanley Hotels limited – Sh132 million
  • Resjos Enterprise – Sh118.3 million
  • Oceanbays Investment and general supplies – Sh107.7 million
  • Prowatt Enterprises – Sh97.2 million
  • Newtral Enterprises Limited – Sh88.6 million
  • Terra Craft (K) Limited – Sh77.8 million
  • IMG Kenya Limited – Sh70.5 million
  • Muga Electrical contractors – Sh68.7 million
  • Protel Studios Limited – Sh67.5 million
  • Pewin Cabs Limited – Sh66 million
  • Funan Construction Limited – Sh64.8 million
  • Multimedia University of Kenya – 59.9 million
  • Prottetta Holdings Limited- Sh58.6 million
  • Safari Park Hotel – Sh44.3 million
  • Walden East Africa Limited – Sh42.2 million
  • Lakezal Enterprises limited Sh40.2 million
  • Inspector General- Sh26 million
  • Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club- Sh25.3 million
  • Lisboa Productions- Sh21 million
  • Pumpken Engineering limited- Sh20.6 million
  • Crown Motors Group- Sh19.6 million
  • Bonfide C&F Company – Sh16.8 million
  • Kasarani Sportsview Hotel limited – Sh16.8 million
  • Aspara Enterprises – Sh16.2 million
  • AIG Kenya Insurance – Sh14.6 million
  • Wanderjoy Party World – Sh14.3 million
  • Toyota Kenya – Sh13.9 million
  • Jimmon Services – Sh13.6 million
  • Broadlink General Merchants- Sh12.5 million
  • Romany Construction- Sh12.3
  • Tripleoklaw Advocates- Sh11.8 million
  • Kipawa Icon International – Sh11.6 million
  • Mighty Tours Travel Limited – Sh11.6 million
  • Ramji Haribhai Devani Limited – Sh11.2 million
  • Parapet Cleaning Services – Sh10 million
  • Greenbelt Movement – Sh9.9 million
  • Kenya Power and Lighting Company – Sh9.03 million
  • Tana Printers and General Supplies Agencies – Sh8.3 million
  • Kenya School of Monetary Studies – Sh8.3 million
  • Winnie Wambui and Company Advocates – Sh7.8 million
  • Arimi Kimathi and Company- Sh7.6 million
  • Northern Resources Development Agencies- Sh7.5 million
  • Igman Enterprises General Supplies – Sh7.4 million
  • Spiceworks Communications Systems – Sh6.5 million
  • Reliant Office Technologies – Sh6.1 million
  • James Kilonzo – Sh5.9 million
  • Harleys Limited – Sh5.5 million
  • Cloudera limited – Sh5.4 million
  • Film Studios – Sh4.9 million
  • Flight Central Travel – Sh4.2 million
  • Khenephance Investment limited – Sh3.7 million
  • Vertical Dimention Engineering- Sh3.5 million
  • Kenya Red cross Society – Sh3.5 million
  • Safaricom Limited – Sh3.4 million
  • Silicon Systems – Sh2.7 million
  • Bold Connect – Sh2.7 million
  • Sapphire Scents Limited- Sh2.6 million
  • Crystal Brands Communications- Sh2.6 million
  • Office Operations- Sh2.5 million
  • Ultimate Ridge International- Sh2.4 million
  • Marvel Africa Agencies- Sh2.3 million
  • Bestways Tours and Travel- Sh2.3 million
  • Mowlid Accessibility Consulting- Sh2.2 million
  • Wilken Telecommunications- Sh2.09 million
  • Intrepid Data Systems limited- Sh2 million
  • Quicksmart Supplies- Sh1.7 million
  • Tanake Enterprises- 1.5 million
  • Kawira Women Group- Sh1.2 million
  • MFI Managed Document Solutions- Sh915,311
  • Waydan Holdings- Sh908,930
  • Furniture Dynamics- Sh814,950
  • Francjos Enterprises- Sh738,500
  • Mwaju Electronics- Sh667,000
  • Marketserve Enterprises- Sh425,000
  • Delight Systems- Sh390,000
  • Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotel- Sh300,930
  • Nairobi Sports House- Sh294,000
  • ST John Ambulance- Sh233,000
  • Photic Global Investments and Logistics- Sh221,000
  • Go On Enterprises- Sh183,200
  • Aberdare Safari Hotels- Sh116,400