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Top Kenyan celebrity marriages that failed

Till death do us part… is a phrase synonymous with weddings. The pronouncement of these words is more resounding when the bride and groom are celebrities.

But in the celebrity world not everything is glitz and glamour; failed marriages are a common occurrence.

While the Kenyan celebrity circles is no different, these four broken marriages of celebrity couples rank as the most publicized ones:

1. Abbas Kubaf and Baby Gangster

In 2008 rapper Abbas tied the knot with Natasha aka Baby Gangster in a very unique ceremony. In a departure from weddings which are synonymous with flowers and big wedding gown, Baby Gangster opted for a thigh high skirt with a small veil.

“It was love at first sight. The first time we met, we were only having drinks. Contrary to what pundits believe, our relationship was not born from music. I believe in a girl who is more than intelligent. Then, physical attraction follows. She has it all,” Abbas had said at the time.

Baby Gangster on her part had this to tell a local newspaper:

“I hate how people view of me and the relationship. They see me as this white girl trying to date a celeb. That’s crap. Many girls give me looks. Many are jealous of me. I now have many stalkers chasing me every day. It gets kind of weird living like this.”

However, ten months down the road, the two called it quits and went separate ways. The marriage was so brief that anyone who doesn’t remember it will be forgiven.

Whereas not much has been heard about Baby Gangster since the divorce, Abbas recently married a British lady in Diani whom he has a child with.

2. DNG and Yvettte

Self-styled hype man, David Nguibini aka DNG and Yvette, a flight attendant based in the United Arab Emirates, met while the former was on a holiday trip in Dubai. The two got married on March 7, 2015.

With the venue at the posh Fairmont Kenya Safari Park, the spectacular ceremony went down as one of the biggest weddings of year 2015.

However, months after the two came back from their honeymoon in Dubai cracks started to emerge in the marriage, with DNG being the first to spew hate messages on his social media pages.

DNG went as far as deleting most pictures of him and Yvette on his social media platforms. It is believed that DNG’s sudden change of mind had to do with trust issues between the two. The two have not been seen together ever since.

Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG with Yvette Nungari during the happy times. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG with Yvette Nungari during the happy times. PHOTOS | COURTESY

3. Prezzo and Daisy Kiplagat

The self-proclaimed ‘King Mswati’ is definitely living up to his name. It is public knowledge that in the past he has dated radio personality Sheila Mwanyigha, socialite Huddah Monroe before getting married to Daisy Kiplagat in 2008.

The two have a daughter together but things started going south after Daisy revealed that the rapper was unfaithful to her. Daisy even went to the extent of publicly shaming Prezzo on the infamous Deadbeat Facebook page. The marriage lasted three long years and after a 12-month divorce case, the two finally went their separate ways.

4. Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo

The elegant invite-only affair at the Marula Manor in Karen, was without doubt the dream wedding for any woman. And since both are media personalities, it was all over the media. The couple had been dating for a number of years and were always quick to share tit bits of their lives with pictures on social media.

October 2, 2015 was the big day when the two said ‘I do’. But a shocking turn of events, the marriage only lasted six months. Word on the street is that the separation was caused by infidelity. However, the two, who have a daughter together, have remained quiet about their divorce opting to continue with their lives and careers.

HONEYMOON: Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo during their honeymoon. FILE PHOTO
HONEYMOON: Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo during their honeymoon. FILE PHOTO