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Top Kenyan restaurant in the US badly damaged by 81-year old driver

A Kenyan owned restaurant in the State of New Mexico was badly damaged after an 81 year old woman ploughed her car through the front window of the eatery.

According reports on, four people were taken to hospital, but none with life-threatening injuries following the lunch hour incident at Jambo Café on Cerrillos Road on Thursday,

Only debris from broken tables stopped the tires of the silver Subaru Forester from driving deeper into the restaurant, witnesses said.

The woman is said to have kept her foot pressed on the gas pedal until she was removed from the car by the restaurant’s manager. The car came to a stop 25 feet into the cafe, where more than 30 people had been dining.

Police believe the woman, whose name was not immediately released, confused the gas pedal with the brake.

“The crash appears to be an accident,” Santa Fe police spokesman Greg Gurulé said in a statement. “But Santa Fe Police continue to talk with witnesses as they investigate the crash.”


Jambo Café is owned and operated by a renowned Kenyan Chef, Ahmed Obo, who was born and brought up in Lamu.

Obo relocated to the United States some 15 years ago where he settled down with his newlywed wife.

After a few years in New York, he decided to tour one of the top most visited cities in the US because of it’s history and art.

He fell in love with the city, settled and worked landed a job at Zia Diner as an assistant chef and later the chief chefposition.

Because of his skill and creativity, his new position spurred Zia Diner to the highest level of restaurants in town where prominent people went to eat and do there meetings.

When he left Zia Diner, the establishment closed shop.

Jambo Café has been voted as one of the top best restaurants in the State of New Mexico and has also featured in, santafenewmexican as well as national TV stations.