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Top Nairobi crime buster Hessy wa Dandora reveals threats to his life

Nairobi crime buster Hessy Wa Dandora has given a rare insight into his life as an undercover cop, revealing how he has numerously received death threats whenever he targets suspects of robbery.

In a Facebook post, Hessy said the death threats often come whenever he declares war against armed robbers operating in the city. He did not disclose the source of the threats.

His latest targets are Brian Kigonyi and Joseph Murege.

“These are the very guys I have severally warned about their behaviour: the challenge I get in their game is that, when I warn them, I also get warned by some individuals,” Hessy said in a Facebook.


Hessy said the two robbery suspects are “criminals who are untouchable, terrorise anyone but nothing happens to them because they are highly connected”.

“Their parents have links to very influential offices here in Nairobi,” he said.

One of the suspects, Kigonyi, was seen terrorising people at Dandora Phase One. Immediately he saw police officers he went into hiding.

The suspect was also seen throwing something into a bush that is believed to be a firearm.


According to Hessy, Kigonyi has escaped death on several occasions by evading police ambushes and successfully running away from scenes of crime. Despite his numerous arrests, the suspect has never stepped into  court.

“The same same day, Murege was spotted in town (CBD) with over ten (10) live ammunition whereby he kept on boasting and threatening pple on Nairobi streets,” said Hessy adding the he then proceeded to a robbery mission in Karen estate.