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Tosh Gitonga wins Best Documentary award at Toronto Film Festival

Film director Tosh Gitonga has won the Best Documentary award for “Two Villages” at the Open World Toronto Film Festival.

Sharing the exciting news with his fans, Tosh wrote on his LinkedIn account: “And another… Grateful to Sir God for this journey!”

Director Tosh Gitonga has won the Best Documentary Award at the Open World Toronto Film Festival for Two Villages.

Sharing the exciting news with his fans, Tosh wrote on his LinkedIn account: “And another… Thank you, Lord, for this journey!”

The festival takes place on June 28 at the Factory Theatre in Toronto.

The film delves deep into the cultural, social and economic landscapes of the two villages, capturing the unique essence of each while highlighting the common threads that unite them.

“Two Villages” also employs a narrative style that is both intimate and expansive, allowing viewers to engage with the personal stories of the villagers while considering broader themes of tradition, change and resilience.

Who is Tosh Gitonga?

Tosh, as he is affectionately known, is a prominent Kenyan filmmaker celebrated for his significant contributions to the African film industry.

Born in Kenya, Gitonga’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking led him to pursue a career in an industry that has seen remarkable growth in recent years.

He is best known for his work on “Nairobi Half Life”, a groundbreaking film that garnered international acclaim and brought Kenyan cinema to the global stage.

Released in 2012, “Nairobi Half Life” tells the gritty and compelling story of a young aspiring actor who moves to Nairobi to pursue his dreams, but finds himself entangled in the city’s criminal underworld.

The film was praised for its authentic portrayal of the streets of Nairobi and the challenges faced by its inhabitants.

Gitonga’s direction was praised for its raw and realistic style, which helped the film win numerous awards and gain widespread recognition.

Gitonga’s success with “Nairobi Half Life” marked a turning point in his career and established him as a major figure in African cinema.

His ability to capture the essence of urban life in Nairobi and present it in a way that resonates with both local and international audiences is a hallmark of his work.

In addition to “Nairobi Half Life,” Gitonga has worked on various other projects that showcase his versatility and dedication to storytelling. His work often explores themes of identity, struggle, and resilience, reflecting the complexities of contemporary African society.

In 2023, he also worked on Netflix movie called, “Volume”.

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