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Matatu tout gets 30 years in jail for pushing passenger out of moving vehicle to his death

By CAROLINE MUNDU November 28th, 2018 1 min read

A matatu tout, accused of pushing a passenger out of as moving vehicle to his death, has been handed a 30-year jail term by a Kisumu court.

In cross examination, the court heard that a quarrel ensued between the accused, Mr Roman Oduor Ogutu, and the deceased Mr Abdallah Yunis over a Sh10 balance.

Ms Aziz Mahmoud, an eyewitness, who was with the deceased on the fateful day, said that on October 8, 1995, the matatu was travelling from the Nairobi show ground and the deceased gave the accused, who was the conductor Sh100, stating that he would alighting at Makina stage.


The accused gave back Sh80 instead of Sh90 as balance.

That is when a disagreement between the two individuals ensued, after which the accused said ‘Huyu aruke kwa kichwa’ and then pushed the deceased out of the door.

The deceased died on the spot.

While delivering the ruling justice Fred Ochieng termed the act as inhuman and unprofessional behavior from the matatu crew.

“Pushing a passenger to his death was cruel and uncalled for. This impunity orchestrated by the matatu crew must stop,” the judge ruled.