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Toxic masculinity: Why Andrew Kibe’s harmful views on women must be challenged

Controversial former radio personality Andrew Kibe, a Kenyan exile in the United States of America, claims to be a champion for the boychild. In doing this, he bashes, ridicules and insults women to elevate males.

On several occasions, he has gone toe-to-toe with several female celebrities from Kenya after he bashed them on his YouTube channel that has several hundred thousand followers.

He faced off with musician Akothee when she got married a few weeks ago, branding her a corpse for getting married at an advanced age and with several children and baby daddies behind her. He also mocked Akothee’s English when she fired back at him for speaking about her bedroom skills when Millicent Omanga’s naughty video leaked online.

Kibe also faced off with influencer Diana Marua Bahati in what shaped out to be take down after take down against each other regarding her relationship with Bahati and her foray into the music industry. Kibe insulted Diana all over the place and Diana fired back in equal measure.

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Kibe also took on Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri who are members of the queer community and former lovers, saying that they used the LGBTQ issue in Kenya to advance their own agendas, adding that the queer community does not mean well for the country.

Whenever he faced opposition from women and men alike, he brands the men with high emotional intelligence as puny (small and weak) and simps (people who are not afraid to shower love, attention, sympathy and consideration for other people, especially women, whether in private or in public). He is of the opinion that men should never lower themselves beneath women and women are meant to serve and be enjoyed by men.

But then, Kibe’s views must be challenged because they are harmful to women. Kibe has cultivated a community of young, impressionable men who are toxic, who look down on women and who view women as objects rather than humans. This creates a society where it is easy and can be normalized to perpetrate gender based violence against women. Women may be seen as inferior or as objects to be controlled or dominated, leading to violence and abuse.

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Additionally, Kibe’s sentiments affect the mental health of women who may experience higher rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues when they are living in a society that has harmful views towards them. They may feel isolated, hopeless, or powerless, which can contribute to poor mental health outcomes. Kibe is cultivating a segmented society of men who treat women as less equal and unjustly.

In the end, Kenyans must rise up and speak out against these sentiments. Akothee may have called him bitter, hurt and disrespectful to women, Diana Marua may have fired back, but millions more must come out and speak against such sentiments and show support for women’s rights. They must speak up against Kibe’s harmful views of women and any man who genuinely loves and appreciates his woman especially in public.

Kibe’s supporters must be engaged in conversations regarding these new beliefs they abide by. Facts, statistics and personal experiences must be shared with such people if we are to reduce the toxic masculinity behavior in the country and create a space for women to enjoy equality and equity.

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