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Trade CS Moses Kuria slams comedian Eric Omondi

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has launched a scathing attack on popular comedian Eric Omondi.

Kuria, known for his outspoken nature, accused Omondi of unfairly criticising the government and expressed regret over his past support for the comedian.

During the Big Conversation debate on Citizen TV, which focused on government policies and public welfare, Omondi took the opportunity to air his grievances against President William Ruto’s administration.

He accused the government of making empty promises and diverting attention from pressing issues affecting Kenyans.

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In response to Omondi’s criticism, CS Kuria did not hold back, taking a swipe at the comedian’s past financial support.

Kuria claimed to have sponsored Omondi’s trip to the United States seven years ago and expressed remorse for what he felt was a wasted opportunity.

The trade cabinet secretary suggested that instead of supporting Omondi’s career, he should have used the money for personal enjoyment.

“Ni lazima tuwe watu ambao tunajilinganisha na dunia nzima. Nimeskia Eric akisema ni kijana. Miaka saba iliyopita nilichukua pesa yangu nikampeleka America ndio aone vile dunia iko. Saa hii vile anaongea, afadhali ningetumia hio pesa kwa sherehe.

(Do we really have to be the kind of people who compare ourselves to the whole world? I heard Eric saying he’s still young. Seven years ago, I took my own money and paid for him to go to America so that he could see how the world is. Now, the way he’s talking, I would have rather used that money to party,” Kuria shouted, drawing laughter from the audience.

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Omondi argued that the focus should be on addressing the high cost of living and tackling hunger in the country, rather than diverting attention to housing and other issues.

“I want to call out the Kenya Kwanza government because we heard them on the campaign trail where they promised Kenyans a cheaper life, a better life and an easier life. Especially the president. I have been arrested four times and I have met bodaboda riders and mama mbogas who have been arrested for petty offences,” said Omondi.

He continued: “And today we are having the wrong conversation; we are talking about shelter. There are no homeless people in Kenya, but there are hungry children in this country. The conversation should be about the high cost of living.

In September 2022, Eric had praised Trade CS Moses Kuria for supporting the entertainment industry.

He revealed that he first travelled to the US with Chipukeezy around 2018/17, courtesy of former Gatundu Member of Parliament Moses Kuria.

Eric further stated that when he opened his offices and Big Tyme Productions, Moses Kuria called him countless times to encourage and advise him.

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