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Trader loses cash, valuables after burglars break into shop through the roof

Mr Nobert Junior, a trader in Lucky Summer was on Wednesday morning (April 26, 2023) shocked when he opened his business only to find valuable items and money stolen.

Mr Nobert, said as the norm is, he arrived at his shop a few minutes to 6am and when he opened the door, he realised that the iron sheets had been tampered with.

“They broke into my shop by taking away the iron sheets and stole. This is unacceptable, does it mean we are going back to the old days where Lucky Summer was known for crime?” he posed.

Mr Nobert said at first he did not realise anything since the windows were intact.

The incident has taken place just two days’ after two suspected robbers were caught on camera breaking into a shop.

An amateur video captured the two breaking into a shop on the ground floor of a residential building in the dead of the night.

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According to area residents, incidents of robbery have increased in the locality in the recent past.

“The robbers managed to access the business premises after breaking the window,” said one resident.

Another resident said they have witnessed cases of robbery slowly come back to the community.

“We ask the police to deal with these criminals who attack people during the night and during morning hours as they are heading to work,” he said.

Ms Mary Kamau, a also resident, lamented the presence of thugs on the loose.

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“They are ruthless whenever they corner someone and they steal valuable items and money,” she said.

This comes at a time when police officers have upped operations across Nairobi County following a series of mugging cases that had been reported.

In the past few days, two muggers were arrested by plain clothes police officers and taken to Kamkunji Police Station after they stole valuable items from a civilian.

The suspect was walking in the city along Prize Road when the two accosted him and stole his bag containing a mobile phone and a bag that had a laptop.

Nairobi County police boss Mr Adamson Bungei has in the past said that police in the city will not seat down and watch people break the law.

He specifically gave a stern warning to muggers and robbers saying that the number of police officers especially in the city center had been added in number.

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