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Crooked traders who sell empty ‘debes’ disguised as potatoes unmasked – VIDEO

Travelling out of town? Be wary of foodstuff vendors who are a common sight along some of Kenya’s busy highways.

A video showing how some of these unscrupulous traders are defrauding unsuspecting customers has gone viral on social media.

The clip shows a woman who was looking into buying potatoes confirming the suspicion of many motorists that some of these vendors use plastic buckets layered in stairs on the inside to defraud their customers.

The buckets give the false impression that the potatoes have been stacked from the bottom to the top, while in reality the potatoes only occupy a quarter of the top part of the bucket.

To make sure that the customer does not see this, the vendor usually insists on packing the potatoes for you, but in this case the woman insists on doing the task on her own, unmasking the women.

Click on the video below: