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Traders’ nightmare as landlord demolishes ‘Shopping Paradise’ in CBD – PHOTOS

A section of traders along Mfangano Street in Nairobi are counting loses after their shops were demolished in an exercise overseen by police on Monday morning.

The traders, approximately 30, tried to salvage the little left after a bulldozer flattened ‘Shopping Paradise’ after the building’s owner won a civil case against the tenants who were opposed to vacating the building.

The traders were an incensed lot as they complained that the demolition caught them unawares and they were given little chance to salvage their wares.


“It is unfair to lose our things like this. If we would have given time it would have been a little better,” complained one trader.

However, Nairobi Central Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Robinson Thuku was of a different view saying the demolition was lawful.

He said this was in line with a court order issued over six months ago following a disagreement between the tenants and their landlord who wants bring down the building and build another one.

“The building was demolished through a court order. The problem was between the tenants and the landlord who wanted them to vacate so that he could build another one but they were resisting and went to court,” said Mr Thuku.


He added that a verdict was made in the civil case where the owner of the building was given a go ahead to demolish the building.

“They were given a notice more than six months ago. The court gave a go ahead to the landlord and OCS Kamukunji was given a go ahead to ensure the compliance of that order,” he said.