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Traffic cops caught on tape roughing up city commuter – VIDEO

February 5th, 2019 1 min read

The ugly side of Kenya’s police force reared its head again on Tuesday after a video capturing five traffic officers roughing up a woman passenger went viral online.

The three female and two male traffic officers were filmed attempting to force the passenger from the  front seat of a minibus that had been impounded along Thika Superhighway on Tuesday morning.

Njeri Wa Muthoni, who was recording the video as the scuffle unfolded, was swiftly arrested and taken to Kasarani police station. Another passenger, Steve Biko, who protested Njeri’s arrest was also taken to custody.

Biko confirmed to Nairobi News that he was detained at Kasarani police station alongside Njeri.

“I was arrested trying to defend the passenger who was taking the video of police as they were forcefully ejecting the other lady as seen in the video. They didn’t want the video taken and demanded her to delete it but she declined.


“I intervened, telling them off that we were in a public place. As such they started harassing us as well. One of the female police asked her colleagues to arrest me claiming that I wanted to beat her up,” Biko narrated.

Once at Kasarani police station, Biko claims he was assaulted by the officers.

When Nairobi News tried to contact Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi he did not pick up our calls. On reaching out to Kasarani OCS Andrew Muchemi, he referred us back to Mr Mboloi.

However according to a source who spoke to Mr Muchemi, Biko was set to be released by the end of the day on a police cash bail of Ksh10,000.