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Traffic jams and slums to go in new plan

March 15th, 2014 2 min read

It is good news for city residents as unending traffic jams, congestion, poor sewerage and sprouting slums  may come to an end with implementation of  the county’s master plan.

The process of developing the Nairobi County Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (Niuplan) is underway and is expected to be completed by June.

County Director of Lands, Planning and Housing, Mr John Barre said: “We have had 23 consultative meeting in various wards in Nairobi and other places, aimed at collecting views to develop a good master plan. We have already formed six thematic groups.”

Urban decay

In a proposal, the county government plans to address the issue of land use and human settlements to curtail urban decay and challenges that come with increased population.

This could see to the demolition of slum houses as the county seeks to open up the areas. Slums are characterised by run-down buildings and streets, abandoned railway lines as well as large underused tracts of land which become dumping grounds or where slums and makeshift kiosks sprout.

However, Mr Barre said they would involve residents in developing the master plan to avoid conflicts.

“Everything will be discussed and whatever will be agreed upon in the proposal is what we will implement,” said the official. City Hall is currently collecting views and suggestions from the public, which will be included in the formulation of the master plan to be used up to 2030.

It is being developed by the County Government, working with Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In the proposal, rainwater will be collected to supplement the normal  supply, while there drainage and sewerage systems will be improved to make the environment healthy.

There is a proposed railway and road transit interchange (above) that is expected to ease traffic in the city as well as the introduction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.